Casteism Free India

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  1. I have personally seen that still people believe that caste system is present in India even I have noticed it …and I not only I the whole India shall work hard to discriminate caste system I have also seen that many people’s misuse the caste system and gets a job … sir I am an Indian and I want to study abroad please sir take some serious steps I am a good student and want to make my career in management…

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  6. Casteism is a hard hitting obstacle in the development of our country.It must be prevented for the unity and integrity of our nation. It’s impact on our society is very negative.It always divides our society and nation and push back to very back.Its solution is in my opinion that academic arena at very beginning must be careful to uproot this cause.

  7. We all say India is one nation but casteism has divided it in so many divisions that we get jobs based on caste. Education which should be free from everything is running on that cause..
    It is very shameful that after 70 years of independence, we haven’t finished such things.
    We are still standing 70 years back where freedom fighters had left us.

  8. Dear Sir,
    P A Cariappa, Casteism is a evil to our society , so it should not be encouraged but it must be eliminated.

    P A Cariappa.

  9. प्रधानमंत्री जी का यह प्रयास सराहनीय है परंतु इसे हिंदी या अन्य भारतीय भाषाओँ में ही होना चाहिए था| वेब डेवलपर कृपया प्रयास करें|

  10. I think that surname option should be delete in all documents and forms, according to VOTER ID , than good result will be come. Articles 14, 15, and 17 written in the constitution will also be strengthened.

  11. I think it is the time, we need to delete the caste section in the application forms, either in school or college or elsewhere. When no one ever questions each other caste, then there will be no talk of caste or creed or rank. This leads our nation Caste-Free

  12. I think its time rub all the bars which discriminate a person against other.Holy Bhagavath Geetha is a proof where Lord Krishna said that caste is based on the duties of each person towards his society. If duties are now exchanged then why this invisible borders of caste that still discreet. Where one is pervelaged and other is not. Is there any pure caste exist in India no because of love love is most powerful weapon to fight against the devil 😈 of discrimination.