Casteism Free India

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  1. take a pledge is simple step but change takes from me and you who can change this narrow thinking ..

  2. The quality of life definitely increases if one person from a family once gets a reservation benefit , why is it being given to each and every person again and again in every walk of life ? the cut off marks is always 10-20 percentage or percentile lesser for SC/ST students. Does this mean they have lesser IQ ? Suppose a SC/ST gets into a premier institute for his/her undergraduate studies.further for Post graduation why is there a reservation benefit ? That particular student would have got same education as a general merit candidate of that particular institute.

  3. Suppose a person belonging to scheduled cast gets a government job with a salary package of 6 lakhs per annum, won’t he be able to afford quality education to his kids ? In course of time with further promotions and increments in salary won’t his family be enjoying lot of benefits ? Why to give further reservation benefits to all his/her family members ? Also, why is there a disparity in entrance examination fee among students ? Student from SC/ST pays half the money as a general merit student pays The fee for PG NEET was Rs.3850/- for GM candidate where as it was Rs. 1750/- for SC/ST candidates.

  4. All Indians are equal. No castiesm our culture are different but we are respect all culture activities.

    Jai Hiind

  5. All Indians are equal. No casteism. Help poor people to give jobs or work, so they are living independently. So make our country — “ONE INDIA GREAT INDIA”

  6. There is no reservation in of caste in job .only one reservation who have poor people reservation in job.
    Who have family income less then 3lakh get a reservation card in job.

  7. Division couldn’t lead the development, we need to unite if we want to grow in real sense otherwise it is a horizontal growth not the vertical. So that since a very long time we are growing in our money, technology, science, sports, education, rich living standard, food quality BUT Not in human consciousness like we become more selfish, cruel, jealous, arrogant, corrupt and polluted, it shows that we grow in horizontal space of living but not in vertical way to make ourselves a better human being. Caste-ism is also a one of important factor which divides us in very smaller groups and finally we come undeveloped due to this division. We have to do the collective efforts to make our coming generation free from this division and motivate them to recognize each one with their name not by Surname.
    I hope this would happen one day.

  8. One india one caste only human is our caste …we love our india ….look forward with modi sir

  9. Jai Hind. have the sense if huminity not to the cast. why we are binding our india in casteism we all are litrate, so give the identity of litracy and keep yourself away from this.the color of blood is same of all of the people so do not compare by cast. get values of life high not to comparisan