Casteism Free India

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  1. I hope my suggestion will be considered and a new policies will be applied for the growth of our whole society as well as for the growth of our country to make it Super power.

  2. Sir, No any other government will think over this , because they work only for Vote , and never think about the country growth ,AGAR SOCHA HOTA TO AAJ TAK UNHONE LAAGU KIYA HOTA ,AAUR RESERVATION ON CASTE BASIS KO ITNA EXTEND NAA KIYA HOTA.
    Sir, This is a very big problem and must be discussed in parliament and among all our leaders. In no case the skill set must be down Sir, It is very harmful for any country growth.It only divides the society on the basis of caste. In every caste there are poor and needy person , so why the reservation is to be applied only on economically basis. More ever it will be better to remove the reservation system fully and only large number of facilities only to be given to poor and needy children on economical basis to upgrade them to secure good marks in competitive exams just as other general category candidates secure by their hard work.

  3. Sir , time has come that a government is here now who is of progressive nature in leadership of our great PM Sri Narendra Modi ji , that decisions must be taken now to apply the reservation system on purey economical basis and poor candidates of any caste must get the advantage of this system, but in no case the caste base reservation system must be applied now as it is a slow poison for our country growth . Skilled persons are being out and less skilled persons are sitting on responsible posts. Sir I am again and again requesting you to see this problem , to analyse this problem and to apply a system to give facilities only to children who are economically poor and actually needy.

  4. Sir, In my openion there is no harm to give education facilities to students of all categories who are economically poor and then the students who will really work hard will get full chance to grow in their life. It is never beneficial for any country to degrade the skill level because in this way the more skilled persons naturally disappoint and less capable persons are sitting on responsible posts instead of large number of candidates who are more skilled from those who have secured very less marks in competitive exams.

  5. Sir, Please see ,is it OK ? On date 08/02/2018 , NTSE stage -1 result of U.P. declared. Cut off were as follows-
    For category General = 121 , For SC =100 , For ST =59 , For PH1 = 87 , For PH2=49 and For PH3 =53
    children who secured 120 marks have been declared as fail as they are in general category.
    Sir Please think where our country is going? Is this casteism free India ? Is it better to make down the skill level of our country children or it will be better to give facilities to upgrade all caste poor children to make their skill upgrade , to secure the 121 marks as other general candidates. Sir , is the child born in general category and working hard must be fail even after his 120 marks?

  6. Casteism free india. Indian prime minister opt people judgement is God judgement modi Ji they should honest. Tamilnadu selective procedures cabinet choose the chief minister cadre. Please merciful modi Ji give election date eyewitness people. People by selective government want people to Casteism free india. May that leave do, vacant themself.

  7. hum sabko sath milkar iss buriyi ka aaant karna hoga …. varna ek din ye hum sab ka aant kar degi…kyoki ek din aisa ayega jab na manav rahega na Cast?

  8. Casteism is a very dengerious thing in the world … it can make an ordanary person teririst and militant. plz stop Castiesm then stop terrorism.

  9. Brahmin ki andekhi mat karo sir ji,, Sacha brahcharya Chandragupta maurya ko banata hai too Dhana-Nand ko bhi jadd se htaa deta hai,

  10. Thanks for this initiative Shri Modiji.

    On casteism-free India, I want to say

    1. There must be clear separation between politics and caste.

    2. There must be clear mandate in the model code of conduct of elections about disqualification of candidates who ask for caste based votes or make casteist remarks

    3. There must be special courts for caste riots related cases so that they are expedited fast.

    4. To increase conviction rates, there must be police reforms as mandated under Prakash Singh Judgement.

    5. Education and history must be inclusive of contributions of all sections of society.

    6. There must be decisive iron hand approach against the hooligan, criminal, anti-dalit, violent organizations who take law in their hands.

    7. There must be a big government campaign and protection for promoting intercaste marriages.