Casteism Free India

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  1. Caste free India:
    Feeling is very good but is there any program with the government for annihilation of caste? Or only publicity. If really government wants caste free India,then it must publish the agenda how it will annihilate the caste system.Some ways are as below:
    1. There should not be column for caste in any form to be filled up while taking admission in the school/institution etc.
    2. No caste column in any document to be submitted for employment etc
    3. Our identity shall be as Indian only.
    4. No requirement of caste certificate

  2. There should no be no divison based on caste.Casteism is a major hindrance in our nation’s progress.the very first step would be abolition of the reservation system in our country.This reservation system is only inciting casteism in our society.reservation system should be on income basis.
    In new india all the oppertunity should be for deserved not for reserved.

  3. I want My New India will be cast free and this will be done if there is no reservation in my new India .because of the cast there is reservation and like the way GST is known for one nation, one tax .i want my India will be one nation no reservation.Everyone should be equal and if the government want reservation will be there then it’s only for Indian army and their children and reservation for handicap people.not for women not for other community people.

  4. Caste create a hidden gap between two friends, groups, society etc. because caste gives monetary benefits in India, hence we should be identified or divided by religion.

  5. Reservation should be considerd on the basis of poverty; The rich are misusing the benifits of reservation through caste system.
    Please see that all benefits of reservation policy are made available to poor persons only.If government is serious about Casteism Free India, then first step should be removing reservation based on caste.
    I am looking for a caste free India.


  7. If there is no caste system then there will be no reservation. Everyone will be at same level. Although benefits should be to economically weaker sections but not for competitive exams or in selection for a job.

  8. I Really Appreciate this..But do our Government is really ready to see Casteism free India. If Government is whole heartedly promoting casteism free Inida, then i guess we will not be seeing CASTe Column in any sort of applications.If Government really want Casteism Free India, so when is that reservation system is coming to end can we know. Coz until and unless reservation system comes to an END , India can never be a Casteism Free. So please before asking us to pledge, plz Government should take the necessary steps and ask us to pledge. Plz dont play with the sentiments by such Ads and concepts just for publicity sake. Lets Government Take a Step first and create a feeling of trust in us and then ASK for PLEDGE on such sensitive things. JAI HIND…

  9. I support you and all those who are against reservation. Caste is not the only basis.
    If a SC makes it to Civil services exams with quota and becomes an IAS, his child is also treated a son of a SC, not an IAS. What about the ome who really needs the advantage and someone else takes that away.

  10. I am against Caste discrimination and concept of untouchability. I believe not racial tendency but social rules gave birth to the concept of Dalit or
    untouchability as you can see in the case of a Brahmin born Sant Dhyaneshwar whose family was outcasted from the Brahmin community because Sant Dhyaneshwar’s father disobeyed the social rules of that time. I am against Caste discrimination but for Caste System when it come to maintaining family and marriage . The reason being an individual
    needs family to avoid depression and the family needs group in the form of jathi to avoid depression.Instead of throwing the caste system make the vertical caste
    system a horizontal caste system. And yes, NO RESERVATION ON GROUNDS OF CASTE BUT FINANCIAL SITUATION.

  11. Hon’ble prime minister, you have posted an ad in today’s lokmat newspaper saying to built a caste free India. But sir, is it in our hand. It’s all in your hand to do so. Kindly cancel all the reservation on the basis of caste and only allow gender reservation that is 50:50 to both men and women. People fall on streets and protest for reservation doing crores of expenses on petrol and diesel. Is this where India is leading. Sir, if you truly accept that India should be a secular and caste free nation kindly cancel all the reservations on the basis of caste. It should be your talent and your skills to prove yourself and not your caste…

  12. The Indian Government has to remove these system and dividing people by religion to provide monetary and other assistance for various purposes. And should implement an effective system by in annual income basis.
    For example, in education sector the most of the times well studied student can’t get admission for higher education than reserved categories.

    The Government can provide educational assistance in various terms to the people in lower income groups. When you divide them by in terms of caste most of the forward category students can’t get admission.

    By dividing people by income the welfare of each and every person in the country will rise.
    So in such cases, I agree with the India Government’s initiative of ‘Unique Civil Code’. It is one of the absolute and fair measure for this cause.

  13. If government is serious about Casteism Free India, then first step should be removing reservation based on caste.

  14. Dear Mr Modi…need to massively change reservation policy that is based on caste…it needs to be modified to be economic and not caste based at all.
    If we want casteless India this is the most basic step that needs to be taken urgently. Casteism has created tremendous damage to India. Need to get rid of it by taking concrete steps and not just talk. Abolish caste based reservation.

  15. Modiji, Kindly see that reservation policy is applicable to needy persons only and it should not have any link with any caste.

  16. Removing reservation overall means the people who doesn’t have money or power will have no means to achieve betterment. Those who have money can study in a good institution, get better coaching and top in exams. But there may be better talented people among the poor. The government have a responsibility to each and everyone. I accept the concern you shared on reservation. But it will be better to modify it like based on economic terms. Those who have money, say an income of 10 lakhs per annum, then why they need reservation even if they belong to sc or st. Also there are poor people belonging to general category who needs reservation. Once a common criteria is taken the issue over reservation can be avoided. It will be better than overall removal.

  17. reservation for SC and ST should be removed . for competitive exam form fee should be same for all whether unreserved , sc, st or if there is no fee for sc and st then general exam fee should also be exempted. in exam result also no category should be made for sc,st , general same cut off or marks can be there for all class.

  18. Modiji, Please see that all benefits of reservation policy are made available to needy persons only. This policy should not have any link with any cast.

  19. It’s time that we give the system of ascribing social status by birth and realize the broader vision of “Vasudev Katumbakam” put forth by our ancestors. All men are born equal and shall be treated equally.

    Casteism has been engraved in all spheres of life in India. TO eliminate this social evil, we need to unify like we did during the Quit India Movement.

    I am happy that the Government of the day has initiated the much-needed movement.

  20. Caste is something that has to be eliminated from our country. This has a venomous effect on people and our country’s growth. We must know that we are one, we are Indians and the caste has nothing to do with us.

  21. We must live as one India not divided by caste or religion. I pledge not to be divided by caste or creed and encourage others to do the same by my own example.