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  1. Hi ,

    I feel that India has take steps very carefully at this developing moment and also clean India means it mean that cleaning the surroundings neat and also keep the society in a “Good condition”,what i mean is India should be clean in some cases like
    1.India is supplying liquior and cigarrete, both are injurious to health not only to him/her but also to other people who are with him/her and also the same govt is giving the health insurance to them is all this require to this great country. How bad it is so. my thought is to BAN those .

    2. Another important cleaning in India is the COURTS :Its took to complete one case is aroundly 10-25 years .Will the case filing one feel satisfy with the announcement of judgement ,sometimes the person dies before the judgement announces.So,please changge this one “PUT THE TIME PERIOD FOR THE COURT TO COMPLETE THE JUDGEMENT IN A SHORT PERIOD”.To this the govt has to recruitment double numbers of Judges to complete this Task.

  2. I like and followed swach bharat abeyan yojana . the prime minister ji ko me salam katha hu kuki inhone mahatma gandhi ji ka be swapan pura keya hai or desh ka be .I like pm narender modi . sir ne swachta ko dyan me rkha . or phli swachta apne and apne aapas ki to iska meaning auttomatic sampurn bhart ke swachta. great sir

  3. Apart from existing efforts in practice

    A law to keep set off area of all four sides of ones house clean , free from bathroom & kitchen waste and to sweep the pedestrian way should be taken up as a next step . It has been observed that society is very careless towards to upkeep of Pedestrian zones even in the countryside .

  4. Delhi india ki rajdhani h….
    Hm sbko milkr delhi ko pollution free bnana chahiye…
    Problems ke solution hote h tb jb hm sb jagruk ho…
    Odd even vehicles r good option but log to fir odd aur even dono ka vehicle kharidenge…
    So pollution nhi solution bnao…