Clean India

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  1. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. —John Maxwell
    after 18 years in my life, I am seeing my country moving just because of this one guy!
    Modi ji I literally want to hug you so tight!, for what you are doing for this country!
    You really are my super hero! that might sound imbecile, but I cannot deny the truth 😉

    Trust me I am also doing a lot of stuff to accomplish our 2022 mission !
    and we Indians are definitely going to see a new India!
    At last I would like to tell…. please please please keep doing what you are doing!
    Because, you seriously have no idea.. what kind of impact you are leaving on the younger generation!
    It’s exhilarating, It’s inspiring … it’s everything to me and a millions like me!
    WE are going to .. not only make India a better place, but we are also going to make this world a better place!
    thank you.
    (Hope I’ll get my hug some day ;p)

  2. respected sir,
    we have to do cleanliness campaign our selves in our colony or society. no need to ask any to do clean forcefully. we have to be self motivated. if will do cleaning our colony alone everyday, collect the litter, broom in front of their houses, corridors and road everyday. automatically one day will come they became motivated from us and slowly they’ll start to join us.
    so, i just want to suggest that don’t depend upon other for help. do your work alone, regularly and determinedly. clean the society, and be the hero..
    proud to be an indian.
    jai hind, jai bharat.

  3. प्रिय प्रधानमंत्री जी हरियाणा के जींद जिले के गांव रूपगढ के बारे में पढ़कर मुझे एक योजना सूझी कि केंद्र सरकार या राज्य सरकार द्वारा को सभी लोगों को जागरुक किया जाए कि वह अपने पुरखों अथवा वृद्ध परिजनों के नाम पर पौधे लगाएं सभी लोगों को इस योजना से अवगत कराया जाए पौधे और आसपास में पानी का प्रबंध वन विभाग करें लोग अपने-अपने पौधों की देखभाल रखेंगे धीरे धीरे हर गांव और शहर में एक साफ वातावरण वाला क्षेत्र उभरेगा और यह योजना वृक्ष अथवा वनों में अनगिनत वृद्धि करेगी ।

  4. Thoughts of 10 year old Utkarsh Kumar class 5 student of DBMS School, Jamshedpur. Lets’ keep Bharat Clean to have healthy Bharat.

  5. Modi ji ka yogdan Swach India Abhiyan main bahut achha hai. Isse main sahmat hun.

    TTG, NSG