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  1. Sir,
    To make India clean, first of all, the citizens should be aware of the word clean. They should be aware of disease that can be caused due to not keeping the country clean. There should be dustbins in each and every street of the city. Also there should be CCTV near that dustbin so that we can know that who throws water here and there. And they than should be fined.

  2. Sir
    We Must have also focus on forest conservation and protection of wildlife. Plants are the best solution to clean our environment for all major problems. We are need a youth Plant Planting Force development to protect environment. For that need the educated youth from Forestry, Horticulture and Botany stream graduates and post graduates. They all are professional field expert and they now how to care the plants and Planting the Plants. This steps will be helpful in green employment generating.
    “Educated Indian Plane to Planting trees, Erosion of Poverty by Planting Plants Extensively”
    From: Rathod Digvijay

  3. To start with clean India, we first need to make the citizens aware about this. A heavy fine should be imposed on Citizens littering in Public places. I have seen many people throwing waste out of their cars and while walking on the roads. We, the citizens of the country need to realise the importance of Swacch Bharat.
    As the definition of democracy itself tells, democracy is by the people, for the people and to the people.
    We need to realize that we are the people, and we need to contribute to Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan.. The govt is not going to come at your neighborhood and clean waste. Make effective use of Swacch Bharat App.
    I have seen in Mumbai, despite having a high budget for BMC. Many of the places have insufficient dustbins and waste falling away from dustbins. Let’s make India great, and contribute your part towards it.

  4. Sir we also need literate India for this we need to improve education system this is the main key for new india