Communalism Free India

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  1. Let us take pledge make to our country free from all sorts of inequality, injustice, corruption, dishonesty etc and make make our nation free from caste ism and reservation based on caste and religion.

  2. such a great initiative taken my our beloved prime minister of India. i will be give my best contribution to my country.
    Jai Hind

  3. Communalism is the main reason of our slow growth if every citizens set their mind on development of nation without belief in any religion then there is opportunities in our nation to do something,
    If we fighting in the name of religion, caste then why any nation and company invest in our economy.
    If we pollute our nation on the name of religion then we are responsible for this.

  4. I also pledge to not give vote on the basis of Religion. And also expect to the leaders that they must not hypnotise the voters on the basis of Religion

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  6. Sarkar ki aarakshan niti ke Karan garib upper cast ke log dukhi hote hee .. me pucha hu ki Kaya upper cast ke log SWAGG SE DIRECTLY EARTH PE AEE HEE ? Kya ushke life me pida ya taklife nhi hoti . Kaya government kile shif dalit or Muslims hee important heee?

  7. आदरणीय मोदी सर प्रनाम, Date: 011/09/17
    मेरे विचार के अनुसार यदद हम सभी भारतीय स्कूल माई में खादी ड्रेस कोड लागू कर सकते हैं ?? अगर हम खादी
    क्ाांतत लागू कर सकते हैं. क्या नए जीआर मैं लागू करने के ललएआप से
    अनुरोध है
    एक खादी क्ाांति का इतिहास
    सादर सुजीत

  8. पेट्रोल का भाव
    01/07/17 – ₹ 63
    08/07/17 –₹ 64
    15/07/17 – ₹ 65
    22/07/17 – ₹ 66.50
    28/07/17 – ₹ 68.70
    04/08/17 – ₹ 69
    15/08/17 – ₹ 70
    23/08/17 – ₹ 71
    आैर आज…,
    03/09/17 – ₹ 74.50
    31 दिसंबर’17 तक 100/- ₹ हो सकता है!
    क्योंकि ‘विकास’ पागल हो गया है, रुक ही नहीं रहा है!

  9. Naxalwaad is not getting “rooted” out completely, because its flag-bearers live, and prosper amongst us in the whole of India behind a camouflage. If we have to root it out completely, we have to do the same.. to them !