Communalism Free India

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  1. Indeed. India should be communalism free. We do not have such things in countries like Singapore hence they are developed. We really need to work on it and I am happy government is taking initiative for this.

  2. The column community and caste must be removed from all documents starting from school Transfer Certificate.

  3. Interreligious marriages must be promoted (only solution for removal of cast system).
    Universal Civil Code ( UCC) should be implemented.
    Examples from RUSSIA can be given.

  4. Hi Everybody

    Under our PM Shri Narendra Modi’s Governance, real time “Secularism” is well being practiced , that is “NO” to Discrimination , “No” to Appeasement BUT “Definite Yes” to delivering equal opportunity to “Develop & Progress” to Every Citizen of India, irrespective of “Region , Religion , Caste , Creed, Color” – We the people of India are in much bliss & harmony, under our PM Shri Narendra Modi & Team’s Governance.

  5. A quote is written just near my house, definetely leads to communalism free society…that is “TU MN EK RAKHT”. I think everybody should assimilate this in their life and culture.

  6. Before 1947 people of BHARAT would used to say vande mataram
    at time of get togethering that means only one mission was present at that time.We also keep that at current time with different issues.

  7. I aspire of a INDIA where each and every respect each other and live in harmony with each other.I have a vision of a society where there is one religion above all ” HUMANITY”.

  8. All are our brothers and sisters
    All our blood are red
    All are equal before GOD
    Life comes once

    you don’t know what happens next second to you

    Be love with all as possible as you can – Don’t Hatred anybody

  9. I want that PM Modi will give their speech on this topic.Because nowadays I am seeing that no body respect other religion faiths whether it’s Hindu or Muslim.Every one uses abusive language to one another.Muslim want that in India all will respect their religion and Hindu want that all will respect their this, I will blame media also because they are doing partiality on showing news just because of TRP.they will show that thing in which they are getting more TRP a Hindu panelist will say some thing to Muslim or Muslim will say some abuse word to Hindu all they want that their TRP must be high .no matter it will affect some one sentiments.for social media or in news channels if there is Ramzan than all will respect not say any thing about Ramzan no comment on that but if there is some Hindu festival then all will react laugh in Facebook .i don’t know what is the thing on laughing on this and when I see them who are laughing mostly are i am not blaming that all Muslim are wrong they are new generation people who don’t know how to respect of other religion.this same thing done by Hindu new generation people.I want instead of these things why our media and our government and our youth are not talking about new invention, new discovery happens in the world day by day this will help to build new India or this Hindu Muslim fight will build.

  10. India will be free from communalism only when the people of India is literate and can think rationally. So the first step to make India communalism free is to inculcate rational/scientific thinking in the minds of the young blood.

  11. I am a Hindu Rajput, pure vegetarian. One of my best friend is a hard core Muslim. I visited and stayed at his place. His family had made some meat on the day I arrived (for they were unaware of my arrival). In-spite of my repeated assurance that meat on the table is not an issue with me, that most of my friends are non-vegetarians and I am very comfortable in eating my simple vegetarian food along with people eating meat, the family made sure that I had food in a pure vegetarian hotel with my friend. Next day, they had prepared a pure vegetarian breakfast. Every family member had the same food with me(chole-puri).

    When the same friend arrived at my home, he was skeptical of being in a Brahman’s home. But he had a great time with delicious vegetarian food (a surprise for him), and a normal family environment like his own home.

    He eats meat which I disagree. He believes that other religions are misleading paths which I disagree. I believe in re-birth which he disagrees. I support Ram-Mandir in Ayodhya while he does not. He offers namaz five times a day while I bow my head to lord Shiva. He is a Khan and I am a Singh.

    But then

    We both are die hard fans of Michael Jakckson. We both are patriotic. We both are women of science. We both hate terrorism and agree that it should be abolished completely. We both agree that India is the best place for a Muslim in the world. We both believe in that single entity which he call Allah and I call Parmatma. He is a Human and so am I.

    We admire our similarities and work on our differences. Unity in diversity is true essence of India. We discuss our differences, giving answers and asking counter questions. Many times the discussions are quite bold and heated. But that does not mean there is a communal tension among us. The fact that our discussions on sensitive topics like beef take bold and heated paths repeatedly, talk volumes of our zero insecurity. Deep within, we both carry the Indian culture of tolerance and respect towards other beliefs.

  12. Religious division has ruined independent India. We need to make religion a personal affair. In all official legal developmental things, religion should be kept out.
    All religions have to be respected and treated equally whether hindu, muslim, sikh, christian, jain.
    No special privileges and rights for any one religion. Indian is first, religion is personal choice.
    Dear Modiji, start by abolishing things that are created for vote banks like special subsidies and benefits for religious groups. Let subsidies and benefits be governed by economic need and situation. There should be no religious discrimination at all. It has to be rooted out of the Indian system.

  13. In India really we need to know what is Nov 26th “Dear Life” and we need to take Inspiration from top 10 countries in the world w.r.t. Blood Donation Switzerland,Japan,Aus,Nz,Canada,UK,Hongkong,Singapore,S.Korea and Spain and in India we are hardly 6/1k in blood donation we need to raise the bar. And also Nov 26th stands for Constitution day Article 47 is hit to the core which says Abolishon of Liquor and rehabiliation centers in Big Cities like Hyd hardly have 12 beds per hospital that too for Drink/smoke persons imagine for Drug addicts and we need to avoid corruption in all means be it offices, be it Liquor/smoking/drugs every where and I pledge in these lines 🙂 Let us make India a Cleaner and Greener India Nov 26th is World Milk Day and World Organ Day. In Telugu Majjiga means Buttermilk, Perugu means Curd and there were two Opthalmologists with these surnames Dr.Majjiga VenkataRama Reddy Garu and Dr.Perugu Siva Reddy Garu whose surnames v.well speak w.r.t. Nov 26th that is the True Meaning of “Dear Zindagi” i.e., “Dear Life” so let us all Pledge that Article 47 is rectified, Nov 26th World Milk Day World Organ Day is taken care

  14. धर्म के आधार पर बदलते हमारे विचार हमारे देश ही नही विश्व के लिए दर्दनाक है 1942 में एक जुट होकर आजादी के लिए लड़ाई जो उन आजादी के मतवालों ने लड़ी थी वो पूरा विश्व भुला नही सकता हम सब एक है हम सब एक जुट है कश्मीर से कन्याकुमारी तक हम एक है , हमे आपसी लड़ाई को भूल कर आपसी भाईचारे कि और बड़ना चाहिए तथा वह सभी लोग जो धर्म पर अपना एकाधिकार मानते है उन्हें अपने समाज सरल और स्वस्थ भारत के निर्माण करना चाहिए जिससे सभी सम्प्रदाय का विकास को सके, सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः सर्वे सन्तु निरामया जय भारत

  15. Respected Modiji & Team… I Omar Sultan from Visakhapatnam pledge for a New India – Sankalp se Siddhi. Modiji our biggest strength as Indian is that whether Hindu or Muslim, Sikh or Christian we all believe in Atma, Paramatma, Eshwar and Brahma and although we use different words to point to the same reality but basically the one thing common amongst us that we all are firm BELIEVERS! We believe that we all have a soul which is not from this world but has come from the divine realm from the source, our creator of all seen and unseen. Sir, you have travelled the world and I am sure you have noticed that whether it is US, Europe, China or Russia the majority of them do not have the belief system we Indians have and they are all mind and intellect dominated… totally depended on Science and Technology and whom we can very well call UNBELIEVERS!
    My sincere request to you and your able team is that… along with developing new technologies, new laws and systems… please create and develop LOVE and RESPECT between all citizens of India and bring all under ONE category and that is, we are all BELIEVERS! Science and Technology cannot create love.. only we humans are capable of creating love, respect and care for each other. I have full faith in you and your team that you are capable and creative enough to rid our country from all forms of extremism and create a balanced and just society with mutual love and respect for each other.

  16. I wanna see my India to be a refuge for all peace-loving humanity irrespective of their creed or belief.Religious values should help us fight against all adversity to sustainable and equi-distributed development world over. So my India by 2022 through its rich tradition and heritage of multi-faith coexistence will be a beacon of non-violent go-ahead to the rest of the world as it had been once before the advent of civilization of the divisive policy.

  17. We as Indian citizens should strive to achieve communal unity not only for greater unity but also to strenthen our democracy. Mahatma Gandhi, the stalwart behind the iconic Quit India movement also emphasised on the necessity of democracy and unity and non-violence.
    “My democracy means every man is his own master”
    Let’s overcome the barriers and debates created by narrow polically inclined populist motives by establishing brotherhood within the nation and strive ourselves to be a part of the ‘inclusive’ developmental activities for achieving new heights and greater cause.