Vote For The Cause

Domain : Education & Skills

“Education for girls/women/senior citizens with basic computer course, absolute free of cost.” Educate a women, teach a generation and empower a nation. Vote for the change , a better India .

This is a story of a 72 years old lady, Smt. Meera Nandlal Sharma, Popularly known as Matajee /Maajee. For more than four decades of silent social service, she has been serving motherland within her capacity by spending all her lifetime saving , pension funds , and working for senior citizens , housewives and needy people .She has worked on the grass root level, fighting all odds through her self-determined, high spirited efforts and strong willpower to succeed . SANKALP is of empowering 10,000 people by training them with basic computer training , absolutely free of cost , by 15/08/2019