Let us together pledge that by 2022 we build a New India

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  1. Sir my name upendra jakhar ca. Final student sir me india ke liye kush karna sata hu me ja bhi jata hu to dekha hu ki market me gst bill kam and black me jada Good aata hai mera manna hai ki ja tak governments ceking fast ni kare gi tab tak black ban nhi ho ga or red badhana sahi ye jab tak dar peda ni hoga tab tak white ni aayege mera example hai up governments ka rahim kam karne ke liye in kabutar kiya to log aapne aap darke mare satender karne lage sir GST ko White karne ke liye janta dar ped karna hoga E bill police vc aaya thai eske tha hi ceking badh do to governments revenue increase ho ja ne ga is bar bjp govt lane ke liye aasa ho ga sir me aapki tema me samil hona satha hu

  2. Respected authorities ,

    I would like to make a suggestion for strengthening the Hinduism and bringing all the Indians together for a cause.

    I would request all the pujaris in all temples of India ,small , big ,in the interior of the country or others any where in the country i.e in the cities ,towns ,villages ,tribes etc. to perform a 1 day yagya from morning to evening with the consideration that there are no school exams going on during that period, it is not a wedding season , the patients hospitals are not disturbed and a few more that can be considered.

    This can be announced on via work of mouth ,in media either print or television or radio but all the temples must do it on same day.

    This will bring unite all the Hindus and Indians together for a cause and the pollution ,pollutants ,viruses ,bacterias and other air impurities will be removed.

    May or may not be liked my many but that okay …

    An indian

  3. Congress as a Party has failed the Nation. Let them answer this simple question -“Why Kashmir Problem continues even after winning Three wars on the same issue?”

  4. I Ashok Mishra being a son of Motherland “INDIA” I pledge to contribute and and share my best to my country and devotees of Motherland “INDIA”

  5. I am ardent devotee of Shri Narendra Modijee,who is religiously working for building our motherland.i take pledge whatever i do would contribute to my nation`s progress.Jai Hind

  6. I wish to join politics but I don’t have financial stability. I have lots of ideas for development of village’s n town. City I don’t mind coz our motto should be only focused on towns n villages. Talented people often come from villages not from city comforts

  7. My only request to political leaders… Whether it’s bjp or Congress whoever wins , whoever takes kings place, the motto should be same that is to eradicate corruption and enhance education system thus empower more employment facilities , be it a private or govt jobs.

  8. 6) It must be reviewed that what developments , works have been done in every departments , mininstry by the representatives.
    7)BJP is only the party in which mostly leaders love the country first and they have sense of love for the country. It is our luck that we have a leader like Sri Narendra Modi ji and our country is getting speed in direction of development now.

  9. in continuation–
    4)There must be a regular review ( Once in a quarter) of the plans ,work ,execution , status of work in respective areas) of the every ministry , A presentation must be given by the ministers before our great leader Sri Modi ji . also the feedback from the representatives of that area from public must be taken . It will increase the development on ground level , which is lagging behind.

  10. Sir , I am giving some suggestions and hope these will be analysed to apply for the welfare of our country .
    1)Strict step is required to stop the reservations which are given as per the caste criteria. Reservations is really needed at present also , but needs to be applied ON ECONOMICAL BASIS. Only our great PM Sri Narendra Modi ji can take this type of bold decision which is beneficial for our country.
    2)Skill level must not be lowered , only the facilities must be given fully ( Even free of cost to poor) . It means that for example for any competition the qualifying marks are 150 than ,it must be 150 for all
    persons , The thins can be done only that we have to give facilities to candidates to be upgrade them to get the 150 marks on the basis of their performance.
    3) If we will recruit the persons on caste basis and at lower marks as on 50-60 or such lower marks , then the unskilled persons will be posted on posts and skill of our country will be lowered.

  11. Sir,

    It is urgently required to upgrade the poor as realy a large number of population is still surviving anyhow. But the difference of Very rich and very poor of our country is not decreasing and medium class families are not satisfied by the steps taken so for. We never want defeat of BJP and the next parties to come as they are just opportunist and never think about the country .

  12. Sir,

    Our target is very good and we all are with our Great PM Sri Modi ji and in his leadership we will get the target.
    Here is some suggestion from us that some ground level work are also to be done and it is needed to do as a large number of persons are being negative as they want to go ahead with this energetic government but there is no any strong step for Medium class families in our country .

  13. દીર્ઘ દ્રસ્ટી ધરાવતા લોકોને ભેગા કરી યુનિટ બનાવો અને દેશનું ભવિષ્ય ઉજ્જવળ કરો

  14. ભવિષ્યમાં દેશમાં વીજળીની જરૂરિયાત ખુબજ વધિજશે આમટે સરકારશ્રી સોલાર પાવર સસ્તું મળે અને વધુમાં વધુ લોકો તેનો ઉપયોગ કરે તેવા પગલાં લેવા પડશે ભવિષ્યમાં ગરમીનું પ્રમાણ પણ ખુબજ વધી જશે એટલે સોલાર પાવર દેશ તથા દેશના નાગરિકો ને બચાવશે સસ્તું સોલાર મળે અને વધુમાં વધુ વિવિધ ક્ષેત્રોમાં ઉપયોગ થાય તે ઈચ્છનીય છે.