Let us together pledge that by 2022 we build a New India

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  1. Dear Modiji, Political and Electoral Reforms are the two main things that would ultimately improve India’s condition in most of the fields mentioned by you.
    The reforms must be so strong that all the Political parties, including BJP, should gradually and automatically get rid of the dirty politicians. This will finally give birth to the promising politicians, who would truly work hard for the progress of the nation.
    Once this change becomes a reality, that is the real start of building the NEW INDIA.

  2. Our best minds like engineer,MBA holders and scientists are going abroad because they don’t get there platform in our country.Please provide them a good and competitive platform where they can stay and take BHARAT at new height.I want to give an example here like in Microsoft ©
    Our country people’s contribution is more enough if they were not there,they work for BHARAT and take our country at new position at the globe.


  4. No Human Being that lives on India, should sleep #Hungry due to lack of Availability, Accessibilty, Affordability, Quality and Dignity !

    Minimum of 3 Liters of Water to Drink and at least twice a healthy meal to eat !

  5. Every citizen of India needs to serve Indian forces a minimum of 2 years, the service should be made compulsory in order to help military forces to tackle any WAR situations and also protect our borders. this new pledge will create social responsibilities in every individual and this also helps us build reserve forces to protect our country from disasters.

  6. I stand for corruption free, casteism free INDIA.
    My full support to our Prime Minister for building the new india..!

  7. Very good initiative. All the very best to all of us to build new india. Feeling proud since I am going to be a part of this journey.

  8. Let us together pledge that by 2022 we build a New India For that every indian citizen need to be transparent and also need to understand that We are Indians we need to stop thinking what Govt or our country has done for us Just think what single thing you done for our country. It includes any small thing like Driving without Helmet or helping senior citizen for road crossing. Every Single initiative makes new india. Jai Hind

  9. All projects, infrastructure or likewise, town planning, should be sent to colleges and education societies instead of firms. As students along with teachers to submit plans, let that get vetted by an independent body ( to avoid corruption) and along with a firm it needs to be funded. Bridges, roads, highways needs to be named with that particular college and the firm which funded it, this way we will have inspiration created within students, teachers, and there will be tremendous enthusiasm within young blood, 2022 is 5 years away, this can bring a change.

  10. Dear all

    Please ban immediately crazy projects already sanctioned like hubali ankola railway line which will destroy 3 lakhs plus treess and huge forests. Ensure that fragile forests are kept undisturbed, please close all resorts, tourisms in all forests, pleaseeee

  11. Dear all, In Bengaluru Metro Rail Stations and other public places why there is no ramp based escalators and ramps, the stair cased escalators is unfriendly. All over India please ensure that escalators Ramp based and stair cased based also, Ramps like in hospitals installed in all public places

  12. Dear all, please bring in public oriented, co-operative development and management of cities and towns. This co-operative trutseeship should replace the present massive, illegal Governance of cities and towns. Like in Bengaluru on outer ring road, Bangalore University Campus Near Dr Ambedkar Eng. College and IIPM Institute even after 100 plus petitions the garbage not removed and good foot path not built, hundreds of students, public risk life walking on heavy traffic ring road. Similarly 100 plus places in Bengaluru no bus shelters, the ugly and unfriendly step based pedestrian crossings, what we need is ramp based pedestrian crossings for old, blind etc.

  13. Dear all, please most important protect Indian forests and agri lands which in name of development getting eroded. Next Through public social responsibility and customer social responsibility support NGOs doing great work to humanity, flora, fauna. Please all politicians please become more simple, Gandhian, humanistic and 100% Honest

  14. I will uphold the spirit of India. I will contribute to development. I will maintain the commitment of Jai Hind