Poverty Free India

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  1. To make Poverty free India it is essential to have limited family maximum two kids per family. This is applicable for each and every one. Well education with best facilities/infrastructure in the world shall be provided to each and every one maximum for two kids in the family. In case any one have more than two kids they shall be penalized financially and also not allowed to utilize national resources at par with others. No priories in the name of minorities, reservation, VIP, Ministers, Bureaucrats etc. Working in national interest is only the acceptable in country. No violence is allowed in country. In case any one observed to involve in anti national activities – immediate action shall be taken – stop all the facilities to him and for his family members.

  2. Extra food ration that rots in go-downs of food corporation of India needs to be distributed to those that are living below poverty line. In this way wastage of food grains can be stopped and those that are in need of it will get it.

    Instead of wasting food stocks we should utilize it properly.

  3. We are Poor from the day of Independence, but poverty remain because of our lack of confidence in education and learning and we don’t learn. Learn untill you feel confident that I will give something to nation and thereby earning enough to live a good,joyful and satisfied life without earning from wrong way.
    If we seeing luxury life of others our mentality think illegal methods of earning money, and we earning from wrong way but this is not ending because we nithther satisfies with our needs and earnings this may feels us we are poor.

  4. i will open new jobs in India through educating poor student and build skill in them so that they also can work and in good prosperity.