Poverty Free India

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  1. Sir, firstly remove the educational reservation…tb india ko jin doctors or engineers,teachers ki jrurut h…tub vo log government job kr payenge jo yai deserve krte hai…

    Free of cost
    हमे धन दान नही चाहिये

  3. To changed the world … First we have to changed our self… Give a chance to the needy one and unite poor fellow from all over the country…and taught them how to over come from poverty through skill development…,otherwise India is developing country and also fastest populated country followed by China…I am from rural area from north-east West Bengal from India where life is difficult to live here educated unemployed fellow where central scheme is not valid for here so how India grow???
    With regards….

  4. सबका साथ है,तो विकास होकर रहे गा।
    गरीबी खुद चली जायेगी,चमकता हिन्दुस्तान होगा।।

  5. I am an ex-serviceman who served the nation for 10 years .I am living in utter misery ,because I have no pension ,no support .should a person who used his teen ages at the service of the nation and also participated in the war against Pakistan in 1971 suffer like this.can the government do something to help me and others like me who could not complete the pensionable service , for reasons which not in their control?
    I expect the government, the honourable PM to make an announcement during 15 th August for our cause.

  6. ‘New India ‘ a new version of our people’s PM, Modiji. He is blessed by the Mother India, fully energized & blessed by the 1.3 billions people, started the development pending since decades.. we are proud of you Modiji….

  7. Please Consider measures to provide value addition to the Agri Community. How?.

    Simplest way is to Create Central processing Industry at District Level based on the more prevalent crop in the Area, automatically the farmers do not need to be desperate to sell their produce. Government can procure material and process it and again supply the same to different Corporation which form part of the Food Supply Chain or provide the same to the Retail Chains.

    Production, Crop Damage, Inputs etc are all very very minor issues in Agriculture. Major issue is Proper Market to the Farm Produce. That is possible only through Processing.
    Region Specific & Product Specific processing Industry is the . If we can systematically plan and provide an appropriate Processing Unit, that will be a good effort in providing Stable prices to farmers & Rural Employment.

  8. reapected prime minister,
    we can make our country a poverty free india but for this you have to make it clear that the people who is working for 12 hours a day under little merchants(merchants whose income is a lot) but get payed only 6000 INR why sir .
    if you really want to make india a poverty free india then you should annouce that the people who are working foe 10-12 hours a day will get a fixed amount of sallary from private merchants also.
    kyuki sir jo dukano me kaam karte hai na wo garib hote hai badi family hoti hai unki wo kaam toh mahine me 25000 INR ke upper ki karte hai par paate kitna hai 6000-8000 INR .

  9. If we do everything legally then we’re contributing towards a poverty free India. Having bought something if we take bill then this is an initiative towards a poverty free India. If we pay our taxes then this is a step towards a poverty free India. Moreover we should make the poor realise that they have a potential. They are not less than anyone. They have a right to lead a life full of respect. They must have equal participation in society. They should be in the centre of every scheme.
    Respect the poor, respect Bharat Mata

  10. Res/sir Indian Poor’s means rural India rural areas means farmars how the rural poority eradicate the solution is the lift the farmers who is the farmers farmers are 3 classes landlord’farmars,bussinss and servant farmers & only farmers neither landlord nor business or servant after independence the govt failed to identify the actual class of Indian farmers

  11. Respected Sir ,
    I Sujeet Tripathi From Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh we have to seriously move forward taking steps for poverty Below line peoples. Firstly we have to focus at rural areas, good education for poor peoples and Rojgaar for village peoples. Then we will say Our country Strong Country .

  12. हम भारत देश को गरीबी मुक्त बना सकते है,अगर सरकार छोटे उद्यमियों को मदद दे,इससे लोगो को रोजगार मिलेगा और गरीबी अपने आप भाग जाएगी
    जय भारत जय हिन्द

  13. We have to remove the poverty from root first of all you have to good hardwork awareness of market technology and Reach to your destination point.

  14. Hamari Sarkar Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas aur Saman rule par kaam Kar rahi hai.Isliye poverty less BHARAT KI KALPANA 100% Sahi hai.parantu government facilities Ka large percentage rishwat me Chala Jata hai.

  15. We can take over poverty and live life healthy, wealthy and a life full of happiness. But the people of India, you have to realise and take good steps to remove poverty and Govt. also and don’t do talk on non sense topics we have to improve our basic services and needs. And new generation ask what is poverty look alike.