Poverty Free India

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  1. India has a significant problem of poverty,despite being one of the fastest growing economies in the world poverty in India is an important issue

  2. स्वस्थ सुंदर समृद्ध भारत हो जहां कोई भेद भाव न हो सब मिलकर रहते हो कोI sima विवाद न हो कोई आरक्षण न हो सिर्फ आर्थिक आधार पर गरीबों को आरक्षण हो ईमानदारी हो नैतिक मूल्यों पर आधारित सिक्षा पद्धति हो बच्चों में सांस्कृतिक मूल्यों का संवर्धन हो

  3. This is the time of india if every indian support them then we say that india’s time every things is growing up now like technology, startup, businessman, economic condition,defence power and our country name in over all world also awareness about our culture and religion that’s all
    This time support our country
    Jai hind jai bharat

  4. Povert is the worst form of violence said by our father of the nation mahatma gandhi.even after seven decade after independence poverty is still in india.
    1. Improved infrastruture for an accelerating growth
    2 sounhealthcare for all.
    3more and better employmwnt opportunities children of india their due.
    5. Donate online to charity

  5. The country prior to Mughals was rich and no one use to sleep hungry. This was due to hard work of the farmers who were at the top of the pyramid,now they are at the bottom. If we can bring them on the top, we will make India sone ki chidiya once again.

    We all need to do to bring farmers out of misery without which we will not achieve our goals. I am starting an NGO to give interest free loans to farmers and help them to learn technology to enhance production and go organic.

    No waivers to farmers and make them worse, but help them to improve their situation and farmers contribute from their earnings to grow the pot which can help more farmers around the country.

    Welcome anyone who would like to join this effort along with government who is trying hard is more than welcome and share your passion with me.

  6. सर अगर आप गरीबी हटाना चाहते हैं तो आप पहले अपनी सरकार से कहिए कि वो सारे कंट्राेक्टर को कहे कि सभी मजदूरों को वेतन उनकी मजदूरी के हिसाब से ही दे कम वेतन ना दे

  7. I think I may not be able to explain the situation of people who are struggling with poverty.But I think everyone of our country is responsible for the poverty. If the government workers are doing their job properly in time with public help( if they need) 80% poverty will disappear.

  8. NEW INDIA में पूर्वजों की हर वो संपत्ति जो सिर्फ बेटो के नाम पर है उस संपत्ति में बेटियों को भी बराबर का अधिकार देने का कानून बनाना चाहिए।

  9. I think the main reason of poverty is lack of education and awareness. I analyse that many people for whom the govt is running many schemes but they who are eligible for that are not aware of that. They don’t know their rights. If their children will educate then definitely a great change we will see in future

  10. Actually problem is that we don’t know, who is facing this problem first we have to know about it..
    It’s not a single community, not a religion
    It’s part of every poor or low medium class..
    Somewhere I heard that “garib aur garib hota ja raa h aur ameer aur ameer” that time it’s a normal sentence for me but after I started to work on private sector somehow I find that’s true..
    And it’s my opion that without solving that problem any type of change is impossible..
    We have to first solve it..

  11. if india control increaseingpopulation than india free from poverty
    so many problem creating population incriment

  12. Aadarniya Pradhan Sevak jee,Pranam……! I appreciate ur resolve & initiative towards augmenting doubles the FARMER”s income and create large no. of EMPLOYMENT by providing Skill Development to the youngster”s of our country is praiseworthy in spite of other developmental facilities and support to the poor like Ujjwala,Ujala,Jan dhan yojna,Mudra yojna,P.M.Awas yojna,sauchalya nirman…etc.YOU have boosted INDIA”s glory on the world horizon and has inculcated a feelings of National Pride for which we shall ever be great full and graceful to you…May almighty grant u long life for placing MAA BHARTI to the height of SUPREME GLORY.,Jai ho.

  13. सर आप तो चाहते गरीबी हटाना ओर आपके जो कार्य कर्ता है वो आपको चहाते है बदनाम करना वो केसे आप तो चाहते है कि योजना का लाभ गरीबो तक पहुँचे लेकिन आप ही के गांवो के प्रधान तो राशन तक गरीबो तक नही जाने देते रातो रात राशन की गाड़ी लोड करके बेच आते है तो क्या खाक गरीबी मुक्त होगा भारत जब राशन को ही बेच देते है तो ओर योजनाओ को क्या बख्श देगे ये प्रधान ग्राम नहाली थाना भोजपुर जिला गाजियाबाद योजनाओ का लाभ गरीबो तक नही पहुंचता सर

  14. i think those people who are very poor we we should work to raise their life and contribute money for education,etc.

  15. I want to do help Indian people who are in poverty by giving homes , foods , medication and education to remove poverty from India to make India grate .

  16. I want to make poverty clean India by helping poor people’s by giving home , educations , medical facilities , food and jobs by location to location by work to clean poverty from India . I want to work for help Indian people . I need a job to make India grate .

  17. I want to remove poverty from India by helping poor people by giving home , education , food and job to make India grate . I want a job to make poverty clean India

  18. Poor and Poverty are not the same things. Though they are somewhat or the other related to each other, still they do not mean the same thing. Every person living in poverty is poor but not all men who are poor are living in poverty. For eg If a person is earning less than the minimum amount required above the poverty line or is unable to get minimum calorie intake. He is said to be living in poverty. There are two people A and B. Assume A salary is 50000 per month and B salary is 60000 per month. Comparing both the two persons salary B is relatively richer than A and A is relatively poorer than B this is also called as Relative Poverty or in a simple sense, though A is above the poverty line he is poorer compared to B. Now coming to your question Will India be free from Poor and Poverty. Well, the answer is yes for Poverty and no for Poor.

  19. It’s the right time to change ..Plz help every needy people as much as possible for build a better India- Proverty free India.. thanks everyone..

  20. Education and All the government scheme must be provided at the root level for the eradication of poverty And implement all the directive principles of the state policy.