Terrorism Free India

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  1. All terrorist groups are criminal. They do not distinguish between good and evil; neither do they spare anybody, not even women and children. It should be our duty to maintain peace and harmony without being influenced by any misleading forces.
    वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम is our heritage…we should follow it.

  2. India is somewhat different then these countries.India will have to adopt “ZERO TOLERANCE” and “AGGRESSIVE” policies towards terrorism.

    Freehand to Indian Intelligence-It is one of the biggest problem in India.Intelligence agencies is for National security,but in India government is always misusing these agencies for their political purpose.IB has now became a poling agencies.Most of the work force of IB is busy in doing task assigned by government such as Gathering information of oppositions etc.This type of Irresponsible attitude of the government leads towards increasing terrorist activities. In India multiple Intelligence agencies is also a big issues,there should be only single Intelligence.Example IB is working right from the independence,so IB has much wider network of information sources.Right after the 2008 attack, NIA was formed,its a huge waste of money.

    To sum up,Indian government has to take some serious steps to prevent and also learn lessons form other country also. National Counter Terrorism Centre model was adopted by government was one good step,but was dropped due to some controversies.New government need to re-think about this.

  3. We need a sleeper cell registry where we can tag the names we know. It will help us to monitor the potential terrorists in making.

  4. Like to see every youth after Graduation apply for special core of Para Military force to combat against terrorism, naxalite movementand and Natural calamity. Each youth either join the force or give reason for not joining it. I am sure this will give big relief to our regular Arm-forces to concentrate on their real training. Jai Ho.

  5. India should be terrorism free. let peace prevail. Lets give our children a better world to live in where love and harmony exists.

  6. let us all support our “JAWANS” & respect them. Really they are the “REAL” heroes of our country.

  7. Hi friends,

    let us all resolve and contribute to making this world free of the menace of terrorism.

    let us all contribute our part in whatever position and capacity we can.

    let us make concerted efforts to wipe out hatred from the face of this planet.

    let peace prevail ever.