Terrorism Free India

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  1. Bharat mata ki jai…!इस गणतंत्र दिवस में हमने देखा पहले गणतंत्र दिवस से काफी अलग का नज़ारा था जहां सभी महिला और परुष समानाधिकार से कदम से कदम मिलाया !

  2. I as a student of kendriya vidyalaya wanted to say my opinion.Indian soldiers give their life .So as my father is from army all the family members live in fear of terrorism .So India should build strong defence and high salary for army jawans than officers

  3. This is the time of india if every indian support them then we say that india’s time every things is growing up now like technology, startup, businessman, economic condition,defence power and our country name in over all world also awareness about our culture and religion that’s all
    This time support our country
    Jai hind jai bharat

  4. As a student of kendriya vidyalaya I pledge to free terrorism free india by doing oath of our indian army

  5. I am an Rtd.Air Veteren ,I will made terrorrism free India.I have taken oath.Our Armed Foces are very strong.

  6. NEW INDIA में पूर्वजों की हर वो संपत्ति जो सिर्फ बेटो के नाम पर है उस संपत्ति में बेटियों को भी बराबर का अधिकार देने का कानून बनाना चाहिए।

  7. As a good citizen of India I am working with police volunteerly as a Traffic Warden in leisure times of Sundays… hope it will help somehow for this cause…

  8. I want to reduce and removing terrorism from India to make India more strong and powerful by Indian army , Indian airforce by making strong boders to make India grate

  9. Education must be provided to each and every citizen and too at root level. construct suitable job opportunities so that each one can have a livelihood and they have a means of survive.

  10. आतंकवाद को मिटा कर ही दम लेंगे चाहे वो आंतरिक आतंकवाद हो बाहरी आतंकवाद

  11. An idea of regular joint excersises between army, bsf, crpf, intel and police departments of different states should be conducted in order to remove the descrepencies and grivences between the administration and defence for terrorism free India.
    The exchange of knowledge level for admistration scope of work should be exchanged for united acitivities.

  12. Terrorism and terror has no definition causes unrest without a constructive cause puts economic and human loss.terrorism is outhe of egoism , superiority and imbalance emotional address a national bench of elites to be a good option to change the links and terrorism acts and transform in to a constructive decision to stop complete.

  13. Sabhi educated Bhaiyo ko rojgar ke sadan uplabd karane chahiye sir Mai bhi MBA qualified Ho or Mai bahut company Mai gaya likin kahi bhi bina rifrence ke koi bhi company ek acchi job dene ko raji nai

  14. Sab se yea hona chahiye jita educated boy /girls hen un logoko scope dana padega .
    Bharat mata ki jai